Cast Your Net Wide Fishing at Sigiriya

The Cultural Triangle is a treasure trove of ruins, rocks and wildlife in Sri Lanka and over the years lake fishing has become a livelihood for many rural villagers within this space. Even though the Cultural Triangle is situated in the centre of the island and therefore not anywhere close to the ocean, the man-made water tanks in the Habarana/ Sigiriya area are teaming with small lake fishes.

Board a small wooden local catamaran and try your hand at fishing, using locally made fishing rods which are sometimes made from using branches of trees. The lake offers a panoramic view of the Sigirya Rock Fortress and Pidurangala, as you happily fish away.

Fishing at Sigiriya
A Game of Cricket with Local Villagers

A Game of Cricket with Local Villagers Sigiriya

There is nothing which brings people together in Sri Lanka more than 'Cricket'. After success on the global stage in the late 90's, the love and passion for cricket spread like wildfire all around Sri Lanka. Be it an alley, an abandoned garden or even a river bank, almost every Sri Lankan from their childhood can be seen engaged in this sport and is so creative to convert even the smallest of space into an imaginative cricket pitch.

You have the unique opportunity to join a group of young villagers for a game of Cricket. Equipment will be provided by our local experts, as well as a crash course on how to play, if you are new to the game. These games are highly competitive among locals so you can expect them to bring their 'A game' to you.

Breathe in Moments of Peace Meditation session in Mihintale (Anuradhapura)

You will participate in a spiritual journey, as you discover the form of meditation which will be practiced in close proximity to the 'Kaludiya Pokuna'.
Just off the sacred grounds of Mihintale rock, we witness an example of ancient Sinhalese hydro engineering at the 'Kaludiya Pokuna' pond complex. 'Kalu-diya pokuna', literally translates to 'pond of black water'. It is said that the name evolved out of respect to the somber reflections of trees and boulders of the neighbouring forests and mountains, and is true to its description at most times of the day. Here, you will meet with a local monk who will introduce you to the basic form of meditation practiced by Buddhist Monks, and also guide you as you ingulge yourself in a session of meditation.

Breathe in Moments of Peace
Private Rendezvous with an Elephant

Private Rendezvous with an Elephant Sigiriya

Visit a stunning lake in the area, for an exclusive morning/afternoon with a Sri Lankan Elephant, with an opportunity to feed & bathe one of these ‘gentle giants’ in their natural habitat.

The visit begins with a local boat ride in the magical lake and after spending time with the mighty animal, take a local tractor ride back to your vehicle.

Take a Whiff of the Spice Gardens Spice plantation visit with Lunch at Matale, en-route to Kandy

Sri Lanka has long been renowned for its spices. Since ancient times, traders from all over the world who came to Sri Lanka brought their native cuisines to the island, resulting in a rich diversity of cooking styles and techniques. Additionally, some of the herbs & spices are also used for medicinal purposes in the indigenous medicinal method referred to as “Ayurveda”.
Saunter inside a private spice garden and learn about fragrant cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, mace and pepper, and many other favourites such as cocoa and vanilla. Your guide will explain the different spices and show how some of these spices are grown, processed and practically applied for cooking and medicinal purposes. After a tour of the garden, enjoy a delicious traditional rice and curry lunch, enriched with local spices. If you would like to, you also have an opportunity to take part in a hands-on cooking demonstration at the spice garden before lunch.

Spice plantation visit with Lunch at Matale
City Walk with a Resident Host

City Walk with a Resident Host Kandy

Saunter inside small lanes and back roads to discover the heritage of Kandy through its people, who carry on the traditions of the Kandyan Kingdom. From the keeper of a Buddhist temple, to a lady selling coconuts and several small mom and pop cottage industries. It may feel a bit like stepping back into a gentler time. We recreate the charm of Ceylon in the 1920s, an era where things moved at a slower pace.

Meet Mike Johnson, a resident of Kandy who will accompany you on a walking tour giving his own perspective on the streets he grew up in. The walk will end in a local pub for a chilled beer.

Explore the Suriyakantha Centre for Art & Culture Kandy

The Centre for Arts & Culture was established in the 18th century at ‘Walawwa’ (an ancient village chief's residence). The Walawwa, inspired by quintessential Dutch architecture houses an interesting panoply of ancient books, Buddhist manuscripts, photography, and traditional furniture and wall paintings.
Meet with the 'Professor', a French national who has been residing in Sri Lanka for over 40 years. He is the co-founder, who together with a Sri Lankan enthusiast in the arts, interestingly combined their interests and passion for collecting ancient Sri Lankan books, furniture and monuments. The Professor personally welcomes you to this establishment where he proudly takes you through the different sections of the house and helps you discover a piece of Sri Lankan history. Together with the Professor, enjoy a delicious Sri Lankan rice & curry lunch.

Explore the Suriyakantha Centre for Art & Culture
Witness a Traditional Kandyan Dancing and Drumming Performance

Witness a Traditional Kandyan Dancing and Drumming Performance Kandy

Sri Lanka boasts of a rich dance tradition and extraordinary style of drumming, one of the most exuberant in the world. Enjoy a private traditional Kandyan dancing and drumming performance, where the dances include the cobra dance, mask dance and the ‘Ginisila’ (showing power over fire). The dancers wear elaborate costumes including a headdress and a decorative beaded net corset. The Kandyan Dance is traditionally performed to percussion only; the most common drums are the 'Geta Beraya' and 'Yak Beraya.' The drummers have lyrics that are sung in tune with the movements of the dancer.
This experience is very engaging as our local dancing master will also teach you the basics of dancing and drumming after the performance and, if you are interested, you could also pose for some photographs clad in the traditional Kandyan Dancing attire.

The Legendary Art of Angampora Martial Arts Demonstration

If you are interested in martial arts history, this tour will enthral you immensely. Drive to a rural village, where you shall meet a guru who will introduce you to the ancient indigenous martial arts system known as 'Angampora' (Vishuddhi). This technique was used to protect Buddhism and the ancient kingdoms from foreign invasions. Witness high-level techniques of Angampora, in addition to demonstrations in: knife fights, gang fights, the art of swords, and other rarely seen skills.
This experience will open your eyes to a dimension and stories of martial arts yet unknown to the world.

Watch the Spectacular Blue Whale Mirissa

Bid the rainforest goodbye and head to the beach town of Mirissa where the majestic Blue Whale, the largest mammal on earth, inhabits the Indian Ocean. Set out early on a private boat trip to see the Blue Whales in their natural environment jumping out of the ocean. A few weeks between February and March, is krill feeding time and this when the majestic animal puts up a spectacular show.
Along the way you shall also see sperm whales, pods of spinner dolphins, sea turtles, and a vast array of marine life.

Watch the Spectacular Blue Whale
Paddle Out into the Sea

Paddle Out into the Sea Surfing in Trincomalee

Sri Lanka is a fantastic choice for a beach holiday and surfing the waves here is pure bliss.
There are some gorgeous spots for this activity and Trincomalee is one of them. Be welcomed by white sandy beaches, jump into the pristine blue waters and fight with waves to improve your talent with some thrilling surfing lessons.
If you're looking to catch a wave or two in Sri Lanka, head to Trincomalee and let the ocean take over you!

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