Our Story

Our story goes back 21 years, when we entered the travel market in 2000 as Worldwide Adventures India (WWI) with a distinctive offering as an adventure and special interest groups travel company.

By 2008, our portfolio expanded to include medical, law, Science and technology and educational sectors while handing both Professional delegations , Alumni and student groups. To accelerate our positioning as a boutique travel firm, WWI became the back-end partner of multiple tour operators & Organizations based in North America

Through this partnership, guests who travelled with us in a professional delegation capacity returned as free independent travelers (FITs) wanting to explore India & Asia with the WWAI team. This organic development was a testament to the quality experiences offered, Since then, our focus has been on curating bespoke itineraries for FITs, leisure groups and many more, giving our guests a flavour of warm hospitality coupled with luxury on very journey they take with us.

Through this website, we are proud to present our brand Asia Luxe Travel (ALT) which is specifically designed towards luxury private journeys beyond the horizon of the Indian subcontinent.


Founder’s Note

The Asia Luxe Travel team lives by the fundamental practices of luxury, simplicity and transparency. Each journey has been thoughtfully curated to ensure you will experience the best each destination has to offer. We have deep insight and expertise in creating unique and distinctive journeys, having been in the business for over 21 years. We maintain excellent established relationships with the hotels and cultural providers in each of the destinations we offer. giving you unparalleled access to the highest levels of service and hospitality everywhere we go. We strive towards our guest's overall satisfaction; if you are beyond content. we have made a friend and there is no joy more profound than that. We want to nurture a relationship with you which we intend to cultivate for a lifetime.

India is our home. and Indian ethos is engraved in us. Even on foreign shores we carry the unmistakable 'Indian hospitality' that we have learnt at home and we apply our beliefs for all the destinations we operate in. It is at the end of the day. my firm belief to create lifelong memories for our guests and deliver unique experiences that represents the age-old authentic Indian tradition of hospitality - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The world is one family).

Balu MenonCEO @ WWA & ALT


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