Helicopter Ride

Know what it's like to touch the sky at 29,029 ft Helicopter Ride

TThe world’s highest mountain has captured every travel enthusiast's imagination. And if you’re someone who is open to adding an adventurous title on their list of travel goals, this one's for you. Welcome to the Everest Helicopter Tour!
Take a one-day scenic flight to soak in the views of the mighty Mt Everest and the entire expanse of snow-capped Himalayas, glaciers and Sherpa settlement.
This thrilling excursion glides over the beautiful Khumbu region in a luxury helicopter for a fantastic experience that will be etched in your memory forever. Arrive at Everest Base Camp and then head to enjoy a hearty breakfast with the summit view at Syangboche.
With a perfect window seat revel in the panoramic view of the peaks and breathe in the sheer beauty created by nature.

Relax and Watch the Jungle Unfold Canoe Safari Chitwan National Park

If you wish to sit back and take in the beauty of the forest, hop onto a canoe safari at Chitwan National Park.
The gentle cruise on the Rapti river is one of the most special wildlife experiences. Spot an array of birds, crocodiles lazing on the banks or just breathe in the fresh air and the pristine scenery. After thrilling jeep safaris this is your chance to slow down and quietly observe the jungle and its enchanting landscape.

Canoe Safari

Sleep under the Blanket of Stars The Taj Safari Lodge in Meghauli Serai

Stare at the shimmering sky as you watch the universe breathe!
The luxurious stay at The Taj Safari Lodge in Meghauli Serai welcomes you into its pristine jungle surroundings and warm hospitality. As you spend the day in the jungle with adventure rides and spotting the breathtaking wildlife, the evenings are for you to relax and just be.

Enjoy a mesmerising stargazing experience at this opulent resort, with an expert as they take you through the stories of the velvety blue night sky and the many stars it holds within its embrace.

Tharu Village Dinner

Tharu are the ethnic indigenous communities from southern foothills and inner Terai of Nepal. They have a very rich and diverse food culture which is worth being explored.
Their food is influenced by the environment and fertile plains that surround them. Rice being their staple dish, their cuisine includes seafood, meat, legumes and many wild vegetables. Enjoy an authentic Tharu dinner, taste the culture of the community and relish its unique culinary story.

Tharu Village Dinner
Riverside Dinner

Dinner with a River View The Taj Safari Lodge in Meghauli Serai

Stay inside the heart of Chitwan National Park with a fantastic stay at the Meghauli Serai. The architecture of this Taj property smoothly blends fine touches of contemporary designs with its natural environment.
One of the cherished experiences to have here is a local-style barbecue by the river’s edge at Rapti Kinara. An elevated deck with a vantage view of the river below and the forest beyond is a most enjoyable alfresco dining spot.

Krishnarpan Dining

To spend an evening at Krishnarpan, the Nepali speciality restaurant at Dwarika's, is to take a culinary journey through the fascinating terrains and cuisines of Nepal.
Serving the finest Nepali flavours, Krishnarpan is a slow dining experience reminiscent of the ritual feasts enjoyed by the Kathmandu Valley's Newari community. Meals range from six to twenty two courses and are prepared using the freshest vegetables from the Dwarika's own farms. The courses are offered on traditional brass and earthenware, and served by hostesses representing Nepal's diverse ethnic communities.

Krishnarpan Dining
Take a Bird’s Eye View of the Annapurna Base Camp

Take a Bird’s Eye View of the Annapurna Base Camp

Here’s your chance to enjoy the stunning and thrilling views of the great Himalayas of the western part of Nepal.
If you are bound by time or want an alternative to the Annapurna base camp trek, the one-hour helicopter ride from Pokhara is an unbeatable experience to view the base camp and the lofty peaks that surround it. You will fly over different forests, villages, rivers and farmed terrains.
Once you land at Annapurna Base Camp, you can spend around 10-20 minutes enjoying the sheer beauty of the landscape and the dotted snow-capped mountains in the horizon.
For non-trekkers and luxurious adventure seekers, this is the perfect way to dive into the astonishing yet serene environment of the Himalayas.

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