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Here’s what’s in store for you. Trace ancient paths dotted with centuries-old architecture, becoming culturally enlightened, taste authentic regional cuisine, trek across spectacular mountain ranges, encounter exotic wildlife and find inner peace through yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. + Read More

A Magical Dining ExperienceAgra, Uttar Pradesh

Treat the one you love to a romantic dinner set with flowers and candles, on the private balcony of your room. Enjoy breathtaking views of exquisitely landscaped gardens, cascading water bodies and the unmistakable silhouette of the Taj Mahal, while dining on the finest handcrafted cuisine, served by your personal butler.

A Royal Indian thali perfectly complements this private balcony dining experience and can be specially crafted by our master chefs to suit your taste and dietary restrictions. You may also choose from the delicacies offered on our international restaurant menus, or consult our chef to design a bespoke menu. An Oberoi dining experience is what dreams are made of!

Magical Dining Experience
Mehrangarh Fort with Dinner

A Twilight Tour of the Majestic Mehrangarh Fort with DinnerJodhpur, Rajasthan

As the sun descends on the historic fort of Mehrangarh in Jodhpur, the rugged impregnable walls and the delicate palace comes alive with an evening walk with the Museum Curator.

Learn about the fort's opulent past, listen to tales of sacrifice, explore secret spaces and royal suites, marvel at the museum's artifacts, feel the sheer joy of discussing a painting or chat about a dynasty beautifully preserved in its full regal glory. Every corner of the fort has something to take your breath away.
As you soak in your unique tour and bid farewell to the curator, head for an enchanting dinner with the view of the mighty fort. With a spread of local Rajasthani dishes on a terrace adorned with candles and light breeze for company, this is a perfect way to end your day.

Glide on a Royal Historic BoatUdaipur, Rajasthan

Taj Lake Palace is privileged to offer you an experience on the historic Gangaur – the 150-year old boat used by the Maharanas for floating processions, celebrating festivals and royal ceremonies.

Extensively featured in the classic James Bond film “Octopussy”, the Gangaur is the signature Taj Lake Palace dining experience, with twists and surprises that never cease to amaze and fascinate our guests. A group of maximum 14 guests can enjoy a dinner on the boat, while up to 30 guests can be served cocktails on board. The Gangaur is also a great venue for that intimate experience – many a hand has been wooed (and won!).

Glide on a Royal Historic Boat
Admire the Classic Cars of the Bygone Era

Admire the Classic Cars of the Bygone EraJaipur, Rajasthan

Vintage cars evoke a sense of royalty and charm when they strut on the streets. With a history of Mughal emperors ruling Rajasthan, vintage cars were a regular feature during social gatherings.

Vintage cars are the pride and treasure of India’s legacy. So, let your journey through Jaipur be a royal one. Explore the Pink City in a fancy and comfortable vintage car with a private driver as he takes you through the landmark spots around the city. Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal, Birla Mandir, Jal Mahal and the spectacular Amer fort all await your majestic arrival. Get ready to bask in the glory of this magnificent vintage car as you explore the rich culture and heritage of Jaipur in style!

Waltz with the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon RideJaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur, the city clothed in pink, is a paradise with sights, stories, and activities sure to inspire and engage every traveller. And here is an opportunity to explore this city in a unique way.

Get ready to experience a delightful hot air balloon ride, that promises you an enthralling sight of the mighty forts, breathtaking landscapes, rustic villages and the different hues of the sky. Peacefully float in the air as you look down on some fascinating views of Jaipur. A thorough safety briefing will also be conducted by an expert to ensure you have a secure ride through the sky.

Hop on for an exciting adventure, well off the beaten track and into the soul of Rajasthan.

Waltz with the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Experience Luxury on Mewar Terrace

Experience Luxury on Mewar TerraceTaj Lake Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan

Canopy of starry skies, the dramatic views of the 500 year-old City Palace and the quiet murmurs of Lake Pichola create a perfect stage to enjoy a charming dinner evening.

A dinner on the Mewar Terrace in the iconic Taj Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur is one of the most exquisite experiences you will ever have. A platter of authentic Rajasthani fare, marble tablet menu cards, soulful strings of the sitar enveloping the air and flutters of cool breeze is enough to leave you spell bound.

Get ready to savour a traditional feast sprinkled with warm hospitality!

Be Welcomed like a Maharaja Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace Udaipur, Rajasthan

The grandest of welcome awaits you at the impressive Umaid Bhawan Palace in Udaipur. Lead inside by Royal Lancers on Marwari horses from the palace’s very own stable, this is what royal arrival feels like. The driveway comes alive with the sound of ‘nopat’ - a local form of drum and once the guests disembark at the main porch, they are greeted by the palace guards who are dressed in the traditional attire and showered with spectacular rose petals at the palace’s door. A cold/warm towel is the perfect way to relieve you from your tiring journey. Walk in to the Rotunda and enliven the traditional Indian welcome of aarti, tika and garlanding along with refreshing drinks under the magnificent dome while it echoes with live Rajasthani Music & the local artist performing ‘Ghoomer’ - a local dance form.

Begin your rendezvous with Udaipur in sheer royal style!

Be Welcomed like a Maharaja
Dinner at the Dunes

Dinner at the DunesDechu, Rajasthan

A gorgeous oasis on the endless expanse of the Thar Desert, Samsara Dechu Luxury Resort & Camp is a soothing sight. Enjoy a stunning dinner under the stars, with flickering lanterns as the backdrop as they light up the dunes that embrace you with its golden hues.

A spread that takes you through the beautiful flavours of Rajasthan with authentic dishes like Laal Maas and Dal Baati, a private dinner here is an enchanting experience. What’s more! float away as the quaint folk music envelopes the air as the graceful dancers match its rhythm.

This dinner over the dunes is a treat for your senses!

A Surreal Treat Under the StarsJodhpur, Rajasthan

Walk down the shimmering candle lit pathway and flaming torches as you enjoy the grandeur of the majestic lush lawns and starlit sky. A dinner at the Baradari lawns at Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace is truly a rewarding experience.

The epitome structure of twelve marble carved pillars, a glowing façade and the architectural splendour creates the most magical setting transporting you back in time where each royal meal was a celebration of life.

Ushered to the venue by traditionally turban clad butlers along with folk dancers and local Rajasthani musicians the ambience is perfect to raise a toast. With tantalising cuisine curated by the chef, shimmering champagne and graceful hospitality, this dinner is filled with pure joy and royal flourish.

A Surreal Treat Under the Stars
Taj Malabar at Cochin, Kerala

High Tea on Languid WatersTaj Malabar at Cochin, Kerala

Relaxing cruise aboard- the stylish luxury yacht, the Taj Cinnamon Coast seems like a trip to another time and place.

As the setting sun creates a shimmering glow on the quiet waters of the sea, guests are served with a lovely high tea experience. Sandwiches, cookies, muffins, light beverages, tea and coffee along with the bewitching beauty of the coast, make this a must-do experience during your journey to Kerala.

Relish a Meal within Historic QuartersStep Well Dinner at Narlai, Rajasthan

Nestled inside the Aravalli Hills, Rawla Narlai is a 17th-century royal hunting lodge turned into a tranquil boutique resort. Rawla Narlai evokes the nostalgia of the bygone era with all luxuries, rustic charm and oodles of character.

One of the most cherished experiences you will have here is a private dinner at the hotel’s stepwell. A beautiful open-air ground reservoir which once provided water to the village, is now a dramatic setting for a candle lit feast. A humble ox-cart ride will take you to the venue and watch the village slowly getting into slumber and the starlit sky unfolding above you. Begin your evening sipping cocktails and relishing stories by the local chronicler as you enjoy a spectacular Rajasthani spread of local dishes and delightful folk music enveloping the air.

Relish a Meal within Historic Quarters
Stretch your Senses with a Dazzling View

Stretch your Senses with a Dazzling ViewAgra, Uttar Pradesh

The Taj Mahal is most alluring during the early mornings as mist and golden sunshine envelopes this tomb of love.

To better experience this moment, enjoy a one-hour yoga session on a lush green mound overlooking the Taj Mahal to replenish your mind and body. Yoga, practiced since ancient times in India, is not only a way to keep oneself healthy and fit, but is also a way of life. This session will cover basic Asanas, Dhyana and Pranayam all while you witness the shimmering pear-shaped dome of Taj Mahal as the sun rises over the monument and tranquillity surrounds the environment.
Embark on a journey inwards as you continue to gaze at one of the seven wonders of the world!

Rhythm with The Elephants at Dera AmerJaipur, Rajasthan

Laxmi, Rangmala and Anarkali are the three big names that make the stay at Dera Amer special. These adopted elephants add a beautiful charm to this rustic property. A luxury tented safari camp inside a preserved wilderness of 180 acres Dera Amer is where you can interact with India’s royal animal - the elephant. Guests who stay at this sumptuous safari style tents can enjoy an inimitable rendezvous with these gentle giants while viewing the world under the starry skies. During the day amidst the natural surroundings guests can indulge in bathing the elephants in the pond and even painting them, one of the most rewarding interactive experiences for any elephant lover.
What’s more, end your day with an intimate jungle dinner at under the stars. Delicious fresh farm food, barbeques, bonfire, folk dances and soothing live music in the background makes this a truly fascinating evening. Luxury combined with simplicity makes Dera Amer an experience of a lifetime.

Rhythm with The Elephants at Dera Amer
Savour an Evening on a Lagoon

Savour an Evening on a LagoonKumarakom, Kerala

An original and exclusive dining experience always adds a considerable quotient of excitement to any holiday.
The Paddy Hut dining at Coconut Lagoon is intended to do exactly the same. The concept, derived from the huts built near paddy fields for resting, stays true to the lifestyle of the landscape that the resort is a part of.

Immersive yourself in the romance of Kerala, as you dig into the culinary culture and authentic fare at the paddy hut. Served on traditional banana leaves, savour delicacies like fish curry, tapioca and a whole range of spice laden dishes.

A sunset glow, cool winds, attentive service and murmurs of the backwaters, make this a truly riveting dining experience.

Farm Tour, Cooking Class and an Authentic Lunch Awaits You!Philip Kutty's Farm, Kumarakom, Kerala

A refreshing and charming farm stay located on the placid lake of Vembanad, Philip Kutty's Farm is a wonderful opportunity to explore nature.

Take an extensive tour of the farm to witness the organic farming methods used to cultivate coconut, toddy, nutmeg, banana, cocoa and pepper. In addition to this, take an insightful session into Kerala’s cuisine with a cooking class and enjoy the stories of secret spices and recipes handed down through generations.

Relish the meal you cooked with the host family and immerse yourself in the friendly hospitality over a warm lunch. Simplicity and grace is what makes Philip Kutty's Farm a true way to experience all things Kerala.

Philip Kutty's Farm, Kumarakom, Kerala
The Thar Sundowner - The Serai

The Thar Sundowner - The SeraiJaisalmer, Rajasthan

The Thar Desert covers a staggering 10 percent of India’s land-mass and its shifting sands have always been a gateway into India. There are few better ways to experience and feel the sense of this frontier than to head out on a rural wilderness drive, exchanging your seat on a 4x4 for a more natural ride on a camel.

Your guide will interpret the landscape for you as you drive through acres of interesting spots on your way to a dune. Watch the sun go down over the outlying countryside from the vantage of any one of these scattered dunes around, and for a change, do absolutely nothing while serenity sings its songs of setting suns.

A Feast over the Dunes - The SeraiJaisalmer, Rajasthan

There is something about dining in the great outdoors as the scents of live cooking mingle with the caresses of fresh air. With a sky full of stars above, the warmth of a campfire around and the vast open vistas of Jaisalmer’s countryside ahead of you, allow our team to spoil you to bits.

Surrounded by lanterns, dine al fresco within the embrace of the dunes as you taste some of the most flavoursome regional dishes created using organic herbs from the resort's own vegetable garden. With ancient Sufi songs lingering in the air, a perfect royal treat awaits you at The Serai!

A Feast over the Dunes - The Serai
Take a Musical Sunrise Boat Ride in Ganges

Take a Musical Sunrise Boat Ride in Ganges Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Travel down one of the holiest rivers in the world, the mighty Ganges. The spirituality of Varanasi is best observed on a row boat ride.

As you glide on the sacred river, catch a glimpse of locals offering the river flowers and prayers, and enjoy views of Varanasi’s temples as the sun starts to rise. The morning Arti is a beautiful to behold as floating candle offerings drift down the river while bells chime. See pilgrims flock to the ghats to take a dip in the holy river, as they believe this absolves them from all sins and cleanses them physically, mentally and spiritually. And this ride gets even more special with a local musician humming beautiful songs as you soak in these magical views.

Embark on a Finest Golfing Experience Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Golf has been a part of India since 1829, when the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, the second oldest golf club in the world, outside of Great Britain was formed. Pursue your passion for golf while wandering India’s vibrant cities and discovering its heritage.

One of the oldest and most prestigious Golf Clubs in India affiliated to the Indian Golf Union, the historical Rambagh Golf Course is a part of the Rambagh Palace Hotel. It features flawless fairways further adding to the course’s beauty. A game at Rambagh will have you feeling like you’ve been transported to a bygone era.

Embark on a Finest Golfing Experience
Canter through a Historical Landscape

Canter through a Historical LandscapeRajasthan

An unparalleled experience awaits you as you take a horseback ride through the many wonders of Rajasthan. This enthralling trail will take you back to the bygone era, when the Maharajas set out on an expedition.
The ride starts from Talabgaon, closer to Jaipur and goes through Bapui and ends in Siras. Soothe your eyes as you witness open country roads, sandy deserts, with an occasional interval of hilly terrain. Navigate through strips of thorn forests and marvel at the remote villages untouched by tourism.
You will be riding the stunning Marwari horses - a native breed suitable for long rides in this region. With amazing stamina, and competency - they are most comfortable in strutting and occasional galloping.
Stay at a heritage hotel or a tented camp with luxurious hospitality making this experience even more special. This is your chance to live and ride like royalty!

Renewal of Vows in Bollywood Style India

This is your chance to have that fairy-tale Indian wedding inspired by Bollywood. Renew your vows and celebrate togetherness in a traditional wedding ceremony. It begins with adorning the hands of the bride with Mehandi by a skilled artist. It is the traditional art of painting with henna for ceremonial use. The couple then gets into their beautiful Indian wedding attire.

The romance now begins, as a horse-drawn carriage will take the couple to the Shiva Temple, where a Hindu priest will perform the renewal of vows and a blessing for them.
After the ceremony, the couple can savour a romantic candlelit dinner by the pool with views of the 18th century Shiva temple; accompanied by live, traditional music.

Renewal of Vows in Bollywood Style
Shopping Spree with a Fashion Designer

Shopping Spree with a Fashion DesignerIndia

The whole of India is a shopping mall where traditional and modern fuse in seamlessly. It is easy to get lost in this maze but we are here to make it a memorable experience.

We have planned a shopping extravaganza for you with a fashion designer who will take you through the hidden gems of the city. Know the styles, colours, methods, traditions and culture behind the fabrics and garments as you explore various local stores and boutiques. The designer will assist you in your purchases to ensure what you are buying is of great quality. We want you to take back with you a piece of India that you can cherish forever!

Knows What’s in the Stars for YouJaipur, Rajasthan

India is an amalgamation of various beliefs, customs and mysteries. And the belief in Vedic Astrology is very deep rooted in our lifestyle. Even today, when beginning something new and auspicious, Indians refer to astrology for the right time.
Take a journey through the world of Indian astrology with an intimate interaction with a Vedic astrologer and get a chance to know your horoscope. This is a 30-minute personalised session where the expert will read your birth chart, invite you to have an open conversation of topics of your interest and accordingly answer any queries you may have. The predictions will amaze you for sure!

Knows What’s in the Stars for You
Delicious Evening at a Fortress

A Delicious Evening at a FortressShahpura Bagh, Rajasthan

As dusk falls over Shahpura, we kick off the evening with refreshing sundowners on the ramparts of fort Dhikola, beautifully lit up to spotlight its architectural intricacy against the night sky.

Perched high above, you can perfectly take in the gorgeous vistas of the lakes and the village below. This experience is further enhanced with a spectacular private dinner of regional delicacies against the backdrop of this beautiful 400 year-old fort. Our private dinners at Fort Dhikola have captured the imagination of many guests we have hosted for this glamorous evening. Secret recipes from royal kitchens, dramatic ramparts reflecting the glow of fire-lit torches and sunsets painted across the velvety blue sky, it’s an absolute once in a lifetime experience.

Look Out for the Elusive Cat Leopard Safari in Jawai

Jawai in Rajasthan is one of the best parks in India to spot the Leopard in the wild.

Hop onto a unique wildlife experience as you traverse in jeeps inside the wilderness to savour some special moments within the jungle. In addition to spotting leopards, one has the opportunity to also witness the wonder of an incredible array of birdlife, reptiles as well as floral diversity during the safari.

A wildlife tour combined with luxury, the safari in Jawai will take you on a remarkable journey of adventure and curiosity.

Leopard Safari in Jawai
Jeep Safari in Ranthambore

In Pursuit of the Big CatJeep Safari in Ranthambore

Dry deciduous forest, open meadows, quiet lakes, rugged mountains scattered with a temple, mosque and a mighty fort, Ranthambore National Park is a perfect blend of natural beauty and history.
Stretched across 1,334-square kilometre is one of the most renowned national parks in Northern India, located in the Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. Once a famous hunting ground of the Maharajas of Jaipur, this park has six zones known for its royal resident the Bengal Tiger, leopards, jungle cats and the abundance of deers, wild boars, Nilgai and the rare sloth bear. It also houses an exotic population of bird life. For those who love history can wander inside a 10th century fort, right at the centre of the forest. Now a World UNESCO Heritage Site the fort gives sweeping views of the wild terrain.
Get on an exciting jeep safari that cuts across the jungle in search of the stunning wildlife coupled with elegant resorts and luxury tented camps to make your wilderness escapade a treasured experience.

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