It’s Written in the StarsAstrology reading

In Bhutan, astrology is so well-regarded that locals consult the stars before making major life decisions such as getting married, changing jobs or even buying a car.
Take a session with a Buddhist monk for an astrology reading. You can learn your Bhutanese name and much more by providing a few details You can also find out about your past lives and your future. This experience is conducted at the monks quarter or at a temple. So know what’s ahead for you in this interesting astrology reading within the scenic kingdom of Bhutan.

Astrology reading
Archery Session

Time to Pull some StringsArchery Session

Did you know that Archery or ‘dha’ is Bhutan’s national sport? You will never hear a Bhutanese say "no" to a game of archery. It is not just a sport but a way of life and provides an insight into Bhutanese culture and heritage. Archery tournaments are a celebration where family members join amidst music, dance and a big feast.

Take a challenge and try your hand at archery with traditional bows and sets of darts. Accomplished archers will be there to happily assist you and teach you the basics. On your next visit to Bhutan grab the bow and arrow and join in the merriment!

Indulge in Cultural Traditions of BhutanPrayer flag hoisting and Tsa Tsa distribution

Bhutan holds many beautiful and spiritual customs within its landscape and as a traveller you can immerse yourself in some of these traditions.
Hoisting prayer is a common way of invoking the local deities as one drives over a pass; asking for the safety of the passengers. It also generates good fortune in the process. Placing Tsa Tsa (miniature stupa or ‘chortens’ in Bhutanese language) along the road or caves is an act of offering, accumulating merit and purifying obscurations.
Participate in these sacred activities with local guidance and get lost in the mystical world of Bhutan.

Local Island Excursion
Mountain Biking

Pedal Through the Slopes of BhutanMountain Biking

The mountain biking tour of Bhutan shall take you to the heart of this Himalayan kingdom and a road to self-discovery as you move down one lush valley to another.
From forested mountain passes to paddy fields lose yourself in centuries-old culture and traditions as you ride along.
Options range from leisurely cruises down the vale combined with a short trek back up to the lodge to more strenuous climbs up to the top of Lawa Pass. We will be happy to suggest a trail or route that may best suit your liking and fitness level.

Climb for a 360° Panoramic ViewGangtey hike

The Gangtey valley in Bhutan is bestowed with a stunning countryside and a hike up there is worth every step!
The hike takes you up a sloping pathway, through towering bushes of jade-hued bamboo and pockets of dense natural forest. During the spring months, the woodlands on either side of the valley look particularly stunning, with an array of coloured rhododendrons.
And as you reach the top soak in the 360° view of the valley and set your gaze on the Himalayan peaks in the distance. One can also enjoy a breakfast or a lunch with great vistas for company.

Gangtey hike
Light a Sacred Butter Lamp

Light a Sacred Butter LampGangtey Goenpa

Participating in a ritual ceremony at a monastery can be a very profound and memorable experience.
The lighting of butter lamps accompanied by prayers has a special significance in Buddhist religion. It represents relief from suffering and provides you with a guiding light to find enlightenment. A senior monk teacher at Gangtey Goenpa (monastery) will be happy to lead this significant ritual for you personally.
Head bowed in prayer surrounded by flickering flames can be very humbling and leads to a world of deep calm within oneself.

Don’t Miss this One Dining Experience in an Archery Field

Delve into the rich cultural landscape of Bhutan while enjoying a sumptuous barbecue dinner at Archery Field - an elegant outdoor space surrounded by pine trees and colourful prayer flags. During this authentic Bhutanese experience, our chefs will grill local delicacies such as momos and homemade buckwheat noodles for you to enjoy with fresh side salads and vegetables. While you dine, a live band will be accompanied by traditional masked dancers and a rustic bonfire for toasting some yummy marshmallows.

Dining Experience in an Archery Field
Cooking Class

Navigate New Routes Hiking Trail

Hiking is almost a rite of passage in Bhutan, with more than 70 per cent of the country covered in forest and mountain. Twisting paths lead to hidden monasteries and temples, where views extend across the Himalayas. In Punakha, a popular hike takes you to the intricate temple complex of Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, perched on a hill amongst avocado, passion fruit and orange trees. There’s also a gentle walk to Chimi Lakhang temple, passing through rice fields to reach the local village where the temple stands.
Embark on Bhutan’s most well-known route up to Taktsang ‘Tiger’s Nest’ Monastery - a marvel of architecture, perched on a sheer rock face 3,000 metres above the valley. It is arguably the most iconic landmark in Bhutan, believed to be the place Guru Rinpoche landed on the back of a flying tigress, bringing Buddhism to Bhutan from Tibet.

Ride the Rapids White Water Rafting

Are you an adventure freak? Bhutan’s glistening lakes, as well as flourishing rivers, are an ideal hub for enjoying some thrilling activities. The Mo Chhu river surges through the Punakha valley, winding its way past rice fields, villages and the iconic Punakha Dzong, where a retinue of 1,000 monks reside.
White-water rafting trips take you to the heart of the action, with stretches of calm so you can sit back and take in the scenery, alongside grade two rapids where you have to grip on tight.

White Water Rafting
Bhutanese Hot-Stone Bath

Immerse Yourself in Serenity Bhutanese Hot-Stone Bath

One of the few things in life that should not be rushed is a relaxing hot water bath. And Bhutan’s hot stone bath is one of the most distinctive experiences you will ever have after a long tired day.
The menchu (medicine water) or a hot stone bath is a traditional healing practice in which a person soaks in fresh river water that is mixed with local Artemisia leaves and heated with river stones roasted on fire. The stones deliver minerals into the water which are known to have therapeutic advantages. From a luxurious hotel spa to local farmhouses, you can sink into these warm healing baths and feel the essence of Bhutan’s traditions.

Take in the Holy Blessings Chimi Lhakhang, Fertility Temple

The sacred Chimi Lhakhang temple is a revered site known to create miracles. This Buddhist monastery is said to be a place of fertility and blessings. Those unable to get pregnant and childless couples consider this temple as a place of pilgrimage in the hope that they will be honoured with a baby.

Bhutanese Hot-Stone Bath

Enjoy your Breakfast at Peace Morning Refreshments at a Monastery

Gangtey Goenpa Monastery offers guests a spiritual experience amid crimson clad monks .
Take part in the morning prayers alongside the lamas and teachers and pray for a wholesome and fulfilling life. The ceremony ends with lighting butter lamps, a personal blessing from the Tulku (a reincarnated Master) and an exclusive tour of the monastery. After the tour, enjoy an exceptional traditional Bhutanese private breakfast within the monastery, that overlooks the lush valley.
(This activity is a charged optional extra and can be booked once in Gangtey Valley or in advance.)

Have a cup of Positivi-TEA Tea Ceremony

People in Bhutan drink a lot, especially in the western and northern part of the country. Suja (tea) ceremony consists of a monk who blesses the tea before we drink. This happens only once or twice in a year at a local resident. Nevertheless, we can still experience this tradition at a restaurant.

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